Time to get preserving and making your own jams

So the final raspberries have been picked over the last few cold days. We are now getting the ground ready for planting in new crops for next year. On the upside, we are still picking strawberries and we will continue to have strawberries for the next few weeks although with not a whole lot of sunshine, it takes a little while longer for them to ripen in. There is still lots of time to make your own jams still or try some new recipes. For some new recipe ideas using strawberries, I found some delicious ideas on the Ballymaloe Cookery School website: http://letters.cookingisfun.ie/2009/07/04/strawberry-dreams/ . If on the other hand, you just need some advice on making your own jams and preserves over the winter then this letter on the art of jam making will give you lots of help to get you started.  Follow this link: letters.cookingisfun.ie/2010/07/31/the-art-of-jam-making/ Happy preserving!

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